Slowly, slowly, catch a monkey.

 Some time to reflect at the top of Mt Batur. 

Some time to reflect at the top of Mt Batur. 

So I have recently relocated to the beautiful island of Bali for the next 2 months and have joined Tribewanted in Ubud. I've been here 2 weeks and already I have climbed a 1,717m Volcano, learnt to ride a scooter, swum with manta rays (amazing) and dived on some really beautiful reefs in Lembongan. I have attended a traditional Hindu family temple ceremony where I was blessed by a high priest, went swimming and prayed in a holy water spring and met some really extraordinary people among the Tribewanted team. 

My initial time here was shared with my fella and was a whirlwind week of adventure and exploration. The two days after he flew back home I felt sick, anxious, scared and lonely. I couldn't bare the thought of being in another country alone for 2 months. I went to dinner and couldn't stomach food, my mind had tied my belly up in knots. On the 3rd day after his departure I got settled in my place and connected with a few people who were experiencing similar feels about being homesick. After talking with them about it I felt less alone in the whole thing, it's really amazing how opening up and sharing your vulnerability with others can liberate you from the thing that standing in your way.

At dinner on the 3rd night of flying solo, a gorgeous and wise woman shared some insight with me. She said that thoughts and feelings aren't actually reality. We create them based on what we know and our previous life experiences, we can be in control of how we feel and what we think. With this knowledge I was able to better understand and acknowledge my negative feelings and let go of them. 

I woke up the next day feeling like myself again. My beautiful, extroverted, colourful, laugh out loud self. Feeling alive again I sung in the shower, whistled my way down to breakfast, engaged in some really great laughs with strangers on the street and shared my most cheesy smile with everyone I passed. I was alive again, in control, aligned and ready to kick some serious butt! 

Another wonderful person gave me advice during my down time and told me that the experiences (both pleasant and not) that I was going through were my reason for coming here.  He also reminded me that all of this requires patience and that on way to approach it is to take it one day at a time. My reason for coming here?

I am here to challenge myself, to grow, to create opportunity, to put myself outside of my comfort zone, find inspiration and clarity, achieve wonderful things, inspire through action and lead by example. 

So I guess the lesson I learnt is this... When you are working towards something really awesome (as I currently am), it's going to be challenging at times, otherwise it's not really as satisfying when you've reached your goal... when you've caught your monkey. In recognising this lesson, I have prayed for courage and am going to put an emphasis on practicing patience....

Give me time, I will catch that friggen monkey!