Re-Branding Project | 2015

EnergiseYou help innovative organisations to thrive by coaching their people to improve their energy and to be the best they can be.

They do this through workshops, webinars, podcasts, energy events and motivational talks.

When I met Oliver, the founder of EnergiseYou, he had just completed a 7 month process of branding the business. He asked for my thoughts on the final product and so I gave him my honest and professional opinion. I told him that I felt that the identity of EnergiseYou was sterile, clinical and stationary looking - like upon first glance at the logo and website you might think they were a dental surgery.  I suggested he inject some more personality and energy into the brand, so it truly reflected the innovative and leading edge work they do. 2 weeks later we began the rebrand. We got really clear on why EnergiseYou do what they do and what the essence of the business was and who their market was - who the identity needed to speak to, and then I began creating visuals to communicate their message. 

EnergiseYou take a very simple, minimal approach to coaching people on habit change, mindfulness and improving their energy. Their logo needed to communicate that minimalism and simplicity whist also conveying the movement and energy they create through their work. It needed to look professional and speak to HR Directors and also have some friendly personality to appeal to the people they were coaching. We extended the identity and updated the website with new messaging, graphics and hand lettered typography.

 Website: www.energiseyou.com

"Working with Chelsea is absolutely amazing.

During part one of the re-brand process we got crystal clear about the EnergiseYou brand (clarity about why we do what we do, our mission, our values, our aesthetic and what makes us completely unique in the market). The clarity I gained about my business from stage one is such an amazing feeling for my team and I. 

During stage two of the rebrand Chelsea delivered a visual identity that expressed the pure essence of the EnergiseYou brand. As to how Chelsea achieved this, I have no idea, but I do know she has true talent to be able to pull it off.  

After this rebrand process I now truly believe that a well designed identity is not simply a nice thing to have, but 100% essential in enabling you and your team to attract and connect with your market, and valuable in giving your business a competitive edge and standing out in the market place.

I'd highly recommend working with Chelsea, she does amazing work and I'm certain I will call on her again as EnergiseYou continues to grow and evolve".

- Oliver Gray, Founder of EnergiseYou, London UK.