Fierce Embodiment (Marcela Widrig)
Branding Identity | 2015

Marcela Widrig, founder of Fierce Embodiment, teaches men and women to release old beliefs, hurts, fears and the restrictive way they are held in their bodies today. She trained extensively with the Grinberg Method® for over 18 years, after getting her hands-on start in therapeutic massage and shiatsu.

To be able to teach a wider audience and give her clients tools to deepen their learning, she continued her development with the Grinberg Method’s Stopping Movement training, Body-mind Centering®, Embodied Flow™ yoga and Motion Theatre®. This combination of somatic bodywork, movement training, breath and expressive arts has given her a rich variety of body-centered tools to guide clients through trauma and emotional challenges, such as fear, shame, humiliation and anger. Marcela currently teaches workshops in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and United Kingdom.

The logo I designed for Fierce Embodiment communicates the strength, spaciousness and confidence that Marcelas clients experience through her work, and reflects the movement and motion of the body. The colour palette I created for her website is soft yet strong and works well when the brand is extended to web. 

You can explore Marcelas amazing work at dove, willingly, into my soul to create my brand. There is not one part of me that doesn’t feel represented in what you’ve created. It is a very powerful thing to be so deeply seen and to have your tremendous talents and abilities support me all the way.
— Marcela