Fleur Porter 
Branding Project | 2014

Anyone that know Fleur Porter know's her as a passionate coach helping women find their purpose. She does it in a way that is real, authentic and down-to-earth. Her farming background and earthy style inspired the visual identity we created together. The idea for the chooks began over a vision board session and a cup of coffee. After mentioning that she wanted to help people achieve freedom and spread their wings, I said "Hey Fleur, what's your favourite bird" and before she answered I knew it was chooks. When I asked why she answered "Oh well they're funny birds aren't they?! They venture out of their "nest" but they always know where home is... They work as a team and contribute and they don't mind scratching around in their own shit..." and so the brand was born.

"Early in business it can be hard to get clear about how to represent yourself and which things are most important. Working with Chelsea was such a simple, creative and clarifying process which resulted in a brand that for me is everything representative of what I believe my business to be. 
She's clever, insightful, creative and a bit of a perfectionist - which is a pretty deadly combination. She not only created an amazing brand for me but helped me understand why it was important. What we ended up with feels so right, it's exactly what i wanted without knowing at first what that was!"

- Fleur Porter, Geraldton WA.


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