Kym Duncan
Branding Project | 2015

Kym works as a hope coach, guiding people (mostly women) through grief to enable them to live a full and vibrant life and find gratitude in their daily life. 

Her hand-drawn logo is spirited, feminine and grounded, reflecting Kym's energy and the movement she creates in the lives of her clients. The watercolour flowers (symbolic of seasonal cherry blossoms) that make up Kym's visual identity speak to her soft and approachable nature and support her mission to help others live life in full bloom.

"Chelsea was amazing to work with when developing my branding. We had in depth conversations about who I am, who my clients are, what is special about me and what I have to offer. I felt like she really understood me. When she showed me my logo, I was in love! Chelsea did such a beautiful job and I think it's absolutely perfect. I loved working with her and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and her work to anyone looking to brand themselves!"
- Kym Duncan, Geraldton WA.