Sorelle Boutique | Brand identity Design | 2013


Sorrelle Boutique offers airbrush make-up artistry, shellac nails and eyelash extensions. Paula (the owner) wanted a logo for her new boutique that was elegant, unique and fresh. Paula is passionate about encouraging women to prioritise self-care to increase their confidence, and makes the whole experience affordable, relaxing and a little bit luxe.

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The Design

I created the Sorelle Boutique brand identity to portrays feminine strength, beauty and confidence. The logo type for the word “Sorelle” was drawn by hand and conveys confidence and strength through the use of capital lettering. The tapered curves to the tops and tails of the letters references the form of the eyelash which evokes a more soft and feminine feel. A darker emerald green was chosen to evoke a fresh and elegant feel, with an illustrated rose to compliment the logotype and soften the identity.

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