Being a designer I get many enquiries from people about branding, what it is and how to "do it"... Many people also come to me (after spending thousands of dollars and lots of time with another designer) to re-brand (redesign) their logos & identities.  WHY? Because the foundations weren't clear before they began the design process and so now they have an identity that doesn't feel right or work for them. This workshop is designed to help you get it right the first time round and give you a great head start on the design process - saving you money, time and energy - because designing your brand identity should be exciting!

So I created an online masterclass to set the record straight. In the workshop we cover: 

  • WTF BRANDING ACTUALLY IS (HINT: it's more than just your logo)
  • The benefits of having a well aligned & designed identity,
  • How to know you've found a great designer...

PLUS... you receive a stack of worksheets and resources tried and tested by me after literally years of research!

All this to help you build your brand foundation and get prepared for finding and working with a designer.
This 4 hr online workshop will help you put all the pieces together so you can take the next step and get the best value out of creating your logo and brand identity.

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